Obanya Cats and Poodles

Russian Blue

This is my Grandson Anthony when he was 8 years old with his Russian Blue: 
Obanya Silver Miranda - 2yrs old
Russian Blues are an intelligent, affectionate cat with a sweet loving nature and a soft voice.. A certain style and elegance comes naturally to them. The somewhat low allergenic coat, even though a short plush coat, seems to shed little requiring almost no grooming. See the photos below showing the shimmery silver blue of the Russian coat, especially noticeable on the face, legs and paws where the coat is shortest. The face has distinctive expression as well, with the rounded whisker pads giving just the hint of a smile. The tall upright ears are the look of the Australian Russian breed with the picture complete in this expressive face, with green eyes that seem to look deep into your inner being. They are such gentle sweet and loving cats who really love to be with you. Russian's have the ability to 'go with the flow' in most households. They are ideal companions for both young and old and can happily accept other cats, little dogs and children! They are very happy indoor cats, with quiet voice and little coat loss. 
Russians however, really like another Russian for company - 2 are best! 
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